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December 28, 2012
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The ever changing ways of Fractal Djinn by hachimitsu-ink The ever changing ways of Fractal Djinn by hachimitsu-ink
Far left:: My first fractal djinn
near left:: :iconconanthe3rd: frah chan
far right:: haileys fractal djinn
middle:: her own self drawn!

I am sad to see that this is the final farewell image of fractal djinn. I promise myself not to draw her anymore but there was a chance where i finally get to talk to her.!As of now I am crying in tears because the past incarnations of herself was fun and exciting, except the last time I talked to her, she seems "different".

I have everyone's acknowledgement which i should be happy and excited, except only one says i don't.....and her name is :iconthe-fractaldjinn:

the good news is, we are still friends
the bad news is that we hardly talk to each other which creates a huge gap of saying "hello do I know you?"
Authors note: NOTICED the past version of herself is smile fades away....

and yes i am aware shes the only genie i will not add a bottle!

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